Eric Sach, store owner, has been running for 30 years (he ran his first marathon at age 12!). In the past, he has been an instructor for skiing, climbing, mountain biking, and mountaineering. He has worked for 18 years in the footwear industry. Ericís ability to motivate runners of all abilities is perhaps why he is best known in the local running community. He has paced accomplished runners at ultra running events of the caliber of Western States 100 mile race. He has been known to turn average 6 mile runners into 50K ultra runners by simply making them believe that they can do it.

Iliana Sach, store owner and webmaster, has been running for 12 years. She works as a researcher for a Seattle biotech, and tries to lead a balanced life by running, practicing yoga, and spending lots of time with friends and family. Eric turned her into an ultra runner and now she loves to run in the beautiful hiking trails our state has to offer.

Debbie O'Neal, - Originally a professional ballet dancer since the age of 20, she was a member of the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle. Debbie still keeps in shape to this day with raising 2 wonderful children and if that's not enough, she still finds time and energy for her morning run! Her diverse experience lends an invaluable perspective for the staff here, many of whom find the Macarena slightly challenging.

Maxwell Ferguson, Max is a running specialist who has been competing for over 11 years. A Seattle area native, he has been involved in hiking and running since birth. Raised by Swedish bears, and Siberian huskies Maxís athletic specialty is the marathon. Although seemingly suited for triathlons, he is water soluble, and irrationally afraid of cogs.

Trey Bailey, a runner from the deep south, moved to the Pacific Northwest this May from Georgia. Having run cross-country and track competitively in high school and college, Trey brings a passion for helping others achieve their goals through education, enthusiasm, and hard-work. Trey has worked in the running retail for just shy of three years and at his previous company he headed the weekly group run and the 5k, 10k, and Half-marathon training programs.

Gregor Sach, expert ProBar and Sharkies tester, enjoys gymnastics, baseball, biking, sprinting, doing pushups, yoga, practicing Power Ranger martial arts, soccer, skating, hiking, fishing, skiing, etc. He is also an accomplished Bingo player. He is our most balanced athlete to date.
We here at the balanced athlete enjoy supporting our local businesses and manufacturers. The 3/50 Project is an easy explanation of the impact local businesses have on a community, and how to easily and affordably stimulate your local economy.